The Devotchkas Join PoGo City

This Saturday Sept 24th, Stephanie original singer of female Punk band the Devotchkas, will be joining PoGo City to talk Devotchkas reunion.

The Devotchkas made a name for themselves on the Streets of NYC during the mid 90’s. The early line up consisted of Steph on vocals, fe091e09ace23fe045e64ff659a7a35aMande on guitar and Alaine – bass. With no luck finding a female drummer the Devotchkas, recruited Johnny Kray, local musician and member of MANY punk bands, to fill in on drums, for the Oi! Toy recording

Hailing from Long Island New York, the Devotchkas finally found a permanent drummer in Gabriela in 1998 to complete the all girl line up. Which was fitting with the bands name coming from Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange, meaning “girl”

Once the ball finally got rolling in 1998, with all members in place the gals would hit the studio again to record “The Devotchkas” EP on New York’s Punk Core Records, followed by the bands next release Halloween. Over the next few years while with Punk Core, the 4 piece would be joining label mates like fellow New Yorkers, The Casualties, Lower Class Brats (TX) and The Virus (PA) on stage and several compilations.

(Hear Steph From The Devotchkas on PoGo City with the above link)

Then in 2000, the band would release two of their previous two 1383335_10205286667868662_9161836071852152765_nrecords as an LP simply naming it “Annihilation” The album featured both drummers and had an awesome caricature version of the band on the jacket. It also included a cover of Oi! Legions, The 4 Skins “Sorry” plus a previously unreleased demo version of the song Oi! Toy.

In 2001 Stephanie would leave the group and be replaced by JJ. Leading also to the bands name change to the 99’s. After a short stint playing under their new name the band decided to switch back to the Devotchkas and have Jessica take over lead vocals for the bands final release “Live Fast Die Young” on Punk Core Records.


Now after 20 years in the making, The Devotchkas, are ready for their return. Make sure you like PoGo City’s Facebook page or favorite PoGo City Radio on iTunes, Stitcher or Google play music to hear Stephanie talk early formation and stories from the road…And who knows maybe after the girls team back up on stage they’ll just decide to keep on playing…ONLY TIME WILL TELL

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