Review of The LV Punk Rock Block Party

I was able to catch about 3 sets from the Punk Rock Block Party in Allentown PA on Saturday August 20th, it was a a fun time and if you weren’t there, you should have been. The 3 sets I got a glimpse of were Blanks 77, The Parasitix and Talk Sick Brats. The gig was located at an art studio and was a good spot, with enough room to move around and cause some chaos. 

Blanks 77  

I have seen the Blanks countless times and plan on seeing them dozens more. They never disappoint and your guaranteed  a great time every time. One of my favorite thing about blanks is they play a nice amount of music from each album you don’t hear to BLANKS 77 - SPEED EPmuch from CBH with the exception of Radio Hits and We Are The Punks but, Killer Blanks, Tanked & Pogoed and the latest release Getting’ Blasted are always well represented. Mike Blanx is an amazing front man and it’s almost unbelievable that the rest of the band is capable of matching his energy. Barely a second goes by in between songs and Drumm Chad 77 is already slamming  them skins on the next track.

This Hillside New Jersey band knows how to keep the crowd moving weather Mike is giving the crowd the mic or strangling Guitarist Renee Wasted with the cord, there is endless excitement and crowd interaction. One of the highlights of any recent Blanks show has got to be when they play the song “Up The Punks!” off the new album. In this song the whole band gets a chance at lead vocals starting with bassist TJ Blanks screaming TO THE YOUNG PUNX THAT SING AND DANCE…. while Chad tries to destroy his drum heads while banging out a tribal beat straight out of HELL, in this sing along classic.

The Parasitix 

The Parasitix seemed to have the best turn out of the bands I saw, with the crowd forming a nice circle pit for the entirety of their set. Hailing from Phillipsburg NJ, the Parasitix seem to be the new hot thing, shredding through 5 songs on the B-Side of the Getting’ Blasted the Slit with Blanks 77 released this past August. Singer Paul Wilde, 14045890_1123000407735625_3577155588922225346_nalways goes on a nice lil anti-Trump rant before the band starts rocking out a crowd favorite, PoGo On A Politician. They capped off their set with a fun rendition of “So What” originally performed by punk legends The Anti-Nowhere League.

This was not my first time catching the Parasitix live but it was by far the best I’ve ever seen them. They were tight and sounded well rehearsed which is not a standard always followed by PoGo punk bands. The band seems to thrive off the energy of the crowd and give every song their all.

Talk Sick Brats

This is a band I had never heard of and if you were at the show I hope you stuck around long enough for their set. This band looked as wild and unique as their sound. The 14063822_1123001224402210_2265089829574755725_nDrummer/Singer bares a striking resemblance to Freddie Mercury with an old school mullet. The stage presence was great even though they lacked a true front man. The drummers multi colored acrylic set glimmered in the lights as he shouted obscenities while wearing Leopard print tights, with blaring power cords over top of it all. This 3 piece band could tare down the roof with their off the wall sound.

Want to hear more? Checkout Mike Blanx, on PoGo City Radio.

Other bands on the bill:

Hate To Say It (Berks)

Sick 86’d (LV)

Highburnator (LV)

Bastard Thieves (LV)


Fatale (LV)

Talk Sick Brats (Houston)


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