The Unknown Bastard

I recently just celebrated a birthday in August turning 28, as I feel that the years seem to pass quicker in my late 20’s it made me reminisce about the influences of my youth . That being said I think a big influence on my behalf while growing up was Johnny Thunders, GG Allin the mad man of manchester, Stiv bators, Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground and Lars Frederiksen. All four are spectacular musicians, but today I am going to talk about Lars Frederiksen the Unknown bastard.

Now, I know you may think Lars Doesn’t compete, or fit in the same category as these musicians. Let me tell you why that’s not all that true. For my generation, Lars had ath huge influence on my style of music. Many people have mixed opinions about Lars Frederiksen, I on the other hand, love Lars I think he’s a very gifted guitar player and a great front man. His big influences were of course Lemmy, from Motorhead, Anti-nowhere League and a band we all love G.B.H.

Lars Frederikson and the Bastards, is a great band formed by Tim Armstrong, from rancid and Lars, they began the band by talking about growing up in Cambell California and it is all about drinking, the streets, drugs, hookers, having sex, gangs, and fighting. Which we can all agree is pretty fucking awesome. Band members are Lars Frederiksen (vocals and lead guitar), Gordy Carbe (also named as “Unknown Bastard”) (vocals), Jason Woods, aka Big Jay Bastard, (bass), Craig Leg (rhythm guitar) and Scott Abels (also known as “Skatty Punk Rock”) (drums). I love songs I can relate to. Like “My Life” and “Subterranean” ( and dozens more.)

I will always cherish the sound in their music. I love that raunchy, sexy, rock n’ roll sound. I think, what we all look for, is that relation between the lyrics and our lives, and with Lars a lot of his music I could relate to. Lars recently started a new Oi band in 2010  called “The Old Firm Casuals”, I really like their most popular song “Perry Boys.” To 194100_196155930406510_185309981491105_571564_3007548_odate, Oi! the Boat Records, has released 3 EPs by the band, including a split double 7″ vinyl EP with the UK Oi! band The Last Resort.

This music helped create the person I am today, I feel punk rock is so emotional and real that there are no boundary’s, these artists know how to bring a great emotion into their music making them so real and raw. Punk rock should be ruthless its about being real and being proud of who you are. Music is my life and my love.

Punk rock will never die and will always have a huge piece of my soul.

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