Whats Going On With The Casualties?

Growing up, I was a huge Casualties fan but, as the years went on their sound began to change and worse yet, their lyrics. If you think back to The 40 oz. Casualty 7 inch, you knew what the Casualties were all about before the needle even hit the wax, looking at the 40 Oz. Casualty (Front)label instead of an A-side and a B-side Jorge, and all the boys from Casualties Corner, labeled their first record The Brew Side & The Glue Side.


The Record consisted of songs like Destruction and Hate, Board and Glued and of course, the Oi! Song. The Casualties were trying to keep punk rock out of the malls and on the streets where it belongs. Ever since departing from now disbanded Punk Core Records, the Casualties, have taken a different approach. Starting with the music, The Casualties became a lot heavier and moved in a similar direction as The Exploited did, as their career went on.

I still consider myself to be a Casualties fan but, the Casualties I knew and loved died a long time ago. Right around the time of the move to Side One Dummy, and the release of their 4th full length album Diehards. Once with the new label, the band seemed to change more and more to the negative in my opinion, with each release worse than the last. You can just hear the aggravation and angst in every last cord on an album like For The Punx, with lyrics about drinking beer, spiking your hair and pogoing.

As the band matured so did the lyrics, instead of KILL THE HIPPIES, it turned into END THE WAR! This was not something that interested me. I always have and still do follow 4848823088_5c996844d4_zpolitics but, not in music. I can’t stand bands like Anti-Flag, who’s sole purpose seems to be pushing their beliefs on to you and even though they are screaming “don’t be brainwashed” I feel like bands like Anti-Flag, are no different than what they claim to be fighting against, while ironically being represented by RCA Records (oh yeah that’s real anti establishment.)

Sticking on the Casualties, this is a band I have played alongside with and have tattooed on my body. Since the new millennium and becoming regulars on VANS Warped Tour, the Casualties seem more concerned with silencing their critics then pleasing the diehard fans. During the Underground Army, and Stay Out of Order days the band, was the butt of a lot of jokes with people saying they were more concerned with their giant hair then the music itself.

This is why I believe the Casualties made a change but, isn’t that so unbelievably contradictory to everything the band set out to accomplish? The Casualties went from “If You Don’t Approve… FUCK YOU! To catering to the masses. I don’t think the Casualties are sellouts, I just believe the band broke up in 2001.

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