“If That’s Not Punk” Styff Peter Productions

Styff Peter Productions, invited the PoGo City Crew out to “If That’s Not Punk” at The Shatter Shack, for an Oct. 8th Allentown gig. The bill included Front Street Socialites, Slammed Parenthood, Admit Nothing, Zombii, and Welter.  

The venue was a perfect spot with cheap beer and jello shots! Not to mention home cooked pasta… But the most important part to any show is quality of the entertainment, and this show was bursting at the seams with raw in your face PUNK ROCK.


One band who you should get used to seeing around the Valley and some PoGo City events is Welter(Philly.) The boys in Welter were 14520451_191571551281799_4434433630692431770_nkind enough to toss Team PoGo a copy of their CD, which we were psyched about because they absolutely rocked their set. The band put on a great performance as a whole, filled with energetic guitar anthems for you to PoGo to. So make sure you catch them and pick up their disk.

 Admit Nothing 

Admit Nothing, was a whole lot of fun and I can’t wait to have them 14650161_191035211335433_4235306149483716702_nplay the first PoGo City event, “Night of The Living PoGo” with Hate To Say It at The Welcome Inn, in Bethlehem, PA on Oct 28th. Kicking it back over to their latest show, the first thing you notice about Admit Nothing is, the complexity of some of their riffs, with the most important ingredient being Ron Kuhn, on bass. Ron runs up and down the bass neck like he was born to do it, Jon Melendez, keeps the pace at full throttle on drums while singer/guitarist Steve Sutter, keeps the crowd moving and engaged to complete an awesome performance.

Slammed Parenthood 

This was the first time I had the opportunity to catch Slammed Parenthood from Reading, and I’m glad I did. You may not believe me14494836_191036258001995_2258137396641634688_n when I say this… But they really reminded me of Minor Threat, which I loved (and unlike minor threat Slammed Parenthood is not straight edge) These guys (and gal) kicked ass on stage and then were good enough to drink some beer with us and dance, and that’s what makes punk rock, PUNK ROCK.


Last up on the bill was Zombii, from Meriden, CT.  Zombii, has been on the road for a few weeks now and their tour had just one more date after this one and that’s a gig with Michel Graves, formally of the Misfits. The PoGo crew was pretty drunk by the time they took the stage so, needless to say we had a blast!  So if Zombii lands in the Valley again sometime soon, make sure you check em out!

If you missed this, you should be pissed because you missed a great one! So don’t be stupid and make sure you hit up the next Styff Peter Productions, show and get ready to PoGo!

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