REVIEW- Night of The Living PoGo with Hate To Say It

If you some how missed “PoGo City Presents, Night of The Living PoGo” you should be pissed! It was a great night with even better music from some awesome bands.

Hate To Say It

Hate To Say It stole the show with a high velocity performance backed with some great noise for you to PoGo to.  Singer Derk feeds 14572267_1108468709201375_5700216640756895988_noff the crowds energy and keeps the pulse beating while guitarist Adam rocks through some spectacular riffs. We loved having HTSI and can’t wait to have them again.


These guys were a blast and I think they had just as much fun in the parking lot afterwards as they did on stage. With Dino Sex “the 14632958_206138906491730_8260337259822091047_nNaked Drummer” keeping the timing of course they played some covers of Dino’s old band mate GG Allin. Andrew Warhammer and the rest of the boys HATE TRASH DISASTERS, put on one hell of a show!

Admit Nothing

14937298_206138829825071_2185441779415121948_nWe new what to expect from these guys haveing seen them at a gig they did last month. You can find that review here,  but needless to say they did not disappoint and the crowd absolutely loved them.

Front Street Socialists

During  their set technical difficulties arose with sound but, with 14925707_206138653158422_792800350110175620_npure emotion alone, they were able to rock the joint.  Singer Fentanyl Jones  is as obnoxious as they come and that’s just what PoGo City loves about him.


This band travailed from Elizabeth NJ, to come kick off Night of The Living PoGo. Galare was a lot heavier than the rest of the lineup but, the guys still fit right in. They gave just the type of performance we needed to set the tone for the rest of the night.

All in all this show was a 10 out of 10… But what else would you expect to hear from the guy who threw  it. So you’ll have to come out to Your Welcome Inn in Bethlehem, PA Nov 25th for our next show “The Black Friday Massacre” to form your own opinion.

Just in case your were wondering

The sexy costume contest was awesome and the winner was Audrey from Bethlehem, who came as a slutty Alex, from Clockwork Orange. And yes she was VERY HOT!

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