The Black Friday Massacre REVIEW

Now that PoGo City Radio has finally recuperated from The Black Friday Massacre here’s the review…


This band came from Philly to show the Bethlehem punks what

14525212_1343354642363171_3292419353793358587_othey’re made of, and that’s exactly what they did.¬†Spinechain put on an energetic performance, and cranked out some catchy punk tunes.

The guys in the band were cool enough to drink some beer and give PoGo City a ton of free gear. We can’t wait to have them again!


Sick 86’d

Everyone from the Valley knows these knuckle heads from Allentown! We hope you guys were lucky enough to catch their set because, it was the best we’ve ever seen them. Sick 86’d kept the crowd engaged and even tossed the mic to yours truly during their rendition of “I don’t wanna hear it”.


Not to mention, Shawn from Sick 86’d, is always throwing shows at the Alternative Gallery, on 4th Street in Allentown. Make sure you check those shows out too.

Video Massacre

This was the first time I’ve seen Video Massacre, and they were absolutely awesome! Most of their songs are about cult classic movies like, Mistress of The Dark or Building a Girl (Weird Science) and it makes for a fun show.

Plus Ian Dagger, singer of Video Massacre may be coming on PoGo City Radio soon, to talk about his time as Singer of Bomb Squadron.

One With Out Rival

This was One Without Rival’s first show, so keep your eyes peeled to 15202660_10206425956362289_3193292298498419193_ncatch them again soon. These guys THRASHED up the place early with an edgy theatrical performance.

Don’t forget singer Devil Jon, can frequently be heard chatting it up with the PoGo City Crew on PoGo City Radio.

Chaotic Meltdown

Chaotic Meltdown, put on an interesting two man set, and still managed to get the place moving. They are currently working on a new album with a full line up. We’ll have all the details when the new LP is ready.

Don’t forget to check out PoGo City Presents, A Punk Rock Christmas at the Welcome Inn Dec 17. Featuring WELTER, HATE TRASH DISASTERS, World Poison the A-Town Sluts and VOW.

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