Fragmented 12 Broken Pieces

Fragmented was formed in May of 2015 by drummer Mike Wiesenhart. His vision was to form a band that played fast and intense with a pounding multi-vocal attack.

With the additions of long time scene veterans Anthony Gabriele on guitar and Tom Reardon on bass his vision became reality. Rehearsals started immediately in The Sweatshop in Brooklyn 13882356_1141643269228867_8107731577447401589_nN.Y and they began shaping their unique, powerful sound.


Blending together elements of metal, punk and hardcore with a crushing thrash stance they cranked out songs at a furious pace. As their ideas developed so did their vocal approach. With a take-no-prisoners attitude, Fragmented grunted, growled and screamed through the fast paced offerings without mercy.

With a strict work effort, they honed their three vocal mayhem through the Summer of 2015 straight into Winter. In December of 2015 the band debuted to the NYC underground at Don Pedro’s where they systematically destroyed the crowd with their wicked, speed laden attack. Word began to circulate of the trashy three vocal hybrid, and they were securing spots on numerous bills shortly thereafter.

Long Island, Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn bore witness to the fierce trio. Working tirelessly, Fragmented rolled into J.C studios in Jersey City, NJ in July of 2016 and recorded their debut album “12 Broken Pieces“. It’s a12-songheadcrusherthatisrelentlessfrom the first track straight thru to its end 19 minutes later.

Fragmented’s wild array of styles and vocal patterns keeps the listener engaged throughout the entire musical bombardment. With the release of “12 Broken Pieces” in August of 2016, the band is already catching a buzz locally as well as across the internet.

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  1. Hold your horses!!! Hur kan vi vara nöjda med den här vÃigen¤nrvn dÃ¥ vÃ¥r käre Pato är ljusÃ¥r bättre och besitter en enormt mycket högre talang? AVGÃ… B&G!!!

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