Mothers Saves Christmas 2016

Now that the dust has finally settled from Mothers Saves Christmas here’s the review…

The weather report tried to put a damper on our parade but, everyone who came out left satisfied. Unfortunately two bands were not able to make the trip, but the 3 bands that played tore the roof off the place. Vow

Vow put on a stellar performance, and had one of the most unique  sounds I’ve ever heard. Even playing as a 2 piece their sound was always whole and full. We had a chance to catch up with Luke the bass player/singer of Vow and talk to him about their original sound.

Luke plays his bass with only 2 strings an (E) and (A) that he then tunes to drop (D). Mixed with heavy distortion plus a few bass chords, giving them quite a wicked sound. Drummer Simon, is the perfect time keeper for this innovative band, look out for his side project “Maniac” at an up coming PoGo City show.

World Poison

Next up was World Poison, featuring yours truly, on bass. The band was loving the crowd and the crowd was loving us. World Poison rocked through 12 original songs that could tear your face off. It was also the official release of the first album “When They Call Your Name” so make sure you pick up your copy today.

Come and check out World Poison, in Philly, next Friday December 30th, at Level 1. Stick around for the whole show with The Oldham Boys, Gabe Zander and Yeah, Who’s Asking?


The guys in H8 Trash are always a good time and PoGo loves having them. We will even be having Dino Sex, Drummer of GG Allin and The Murder Junkies/H8 Trash, on tonight’s PoGo City Radio.

Check out our review of HATE TRASH DISASTERS here. Also be sure to check out H8 Trash’s 16 year anniversary show Dec 30 in Bangor, PA with Hate To Say It.

Another great one in the books, don’t miss the next one!

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