Blanks 77 On The Celestial Stage 1/21/17 Newark NJ

After the show at the Gallery, last Saturday, the lovely Rude-Girl-Jessica and I set out to Newark NJ, for Blanks-77. After about an hour and 10-min drive, we arrived at QXT’s and managed to walk through Newark without being robbed.

We new we were in for a good night as soon as we entered the club.  A big stage, bigger crowd and that shit was lit up like Christmas! We headed to the bar for Vodka and BEER, and caught up with Mike just before Blanks went on.

Blanks 77  Celestial Stage

Blanks, opened up with Up The System and the place began to PoGo. Before the crowd could even finish it’s roar, Blanks, was  into the next tune without even a second to catch a breath.

Mike Blanx, was all over the stage always keeping the crowd engaged. The pit would try to keep up, while fans fought for their turn at the mic.

As always, the band played a nice mix of all their albums. I did notice one extra from CBH, I hadn’t heard live before, “If You Were Beer” and it was great. Just as you thought the set was over, you hear Renee, start hitting the cords to the Dead Boys, Sonic Reducer. The Crowd went into a frenzy and Blanks 77 ended their set on a high note.

After the show

As the main room cleared out, the die hard partyers made their way down stairs for more beer and pogoing. We closed the club but, not before dancing our asses off under the black light.

The crowd in the basement of QXT’s was so amped up, it was like the gig never ended. With people shouting the Lyrics to the misfits and sex pistols in a disco atmosphere.

Make sure you guys pick up Blanks 77 latest release Gettin’ Blasted 12″ b/w the Parasitix out on jail house records.


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