Level 1 Last Show Of 2016

So, now that we’re finally out of all that Philly traffic, HERE’S THE REVIEW!

Level 1 is a great DIY venue, putting on some great shows regularly. We were lucky enough to get on the last bill of the year with, Gabe Zander and Yeah Who’s Asking?

Yeah Who’s Asking?

Yeah, who’s asking, is a side project of Menace to Sobriety out of Reading. These guys rocked the place with some catchy punk rock sing alongs. We had a blast playing with them and even more fun hanging out upstairs later in the night. Pogo City looks forward to bringing them to the Valley soon.

World Poison

Next to the floor, was my band, World Poison. In my second show with the rest of the Easton boys, we played through the whole debut album and showed Philly what we were made of. We had a lot of fun and the crowd was pumped and kept the place moving. We cant wait to play another show for Billy and the rest of the level 1 crew!

Take a look at part of our set from Level 1

Gabe Zander Outlaw Country

Gabe puts on such a entertaining and funny performance always keeping the crowd engaged. Whether he is singing about his “superior stick” or what he thinks of the term “Americana” your sure to laugh and have a good time. Gabe was even good enough to dedicate a song to me and the Lovely, Rude Girl Jessica. If all goes well look for an upcoming PoGo City, accoustic show with Gabe Zander, once he returns from the road with the Oi! Scouts, next month.

All in all, this show was a lot of fun with good people and better music. So, the next time you get a chance to see one of these bandsor any show at level one, make sure you get there quick!

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