Mid Rats Never Coming Home

Mid Rats are a three piece, hardcore punk band from Lancaster PA, formed 3 years ago. If your looking for music to get you amped up and ready to rumble, look no further. The Mid Rats, fly through power chords and keep it heavy but, they’re not afraid to get melodic at times.

Omar and Chris split the singing duties, adding to the great contrast of this band. Drummer Matty, does his fair share of the work, pounding out some great rhythmic patterns fitting nicely with Omar’s bass-lines.

Demo 2014

The Rats, have three releases, starting off with their 2014 demo. The first track Suburban Wasteland is a great one to get things rolling with a fun bass line and catchy lyrics.

Vandalize You

Released in 2015, these 4 tracks are well recorded and well executed, with a slightly different feel then the others. Vandalize You has a bit more upbeat sound then the first release but is still hard enough to get the pit moving!

Never Coming Home

In the latest release coming in August of 2016, the Mid Rats, sound hardens and speeds up a bit. “Deep Pockets” is the best song lyrically, the boys from Lancaster, have put out. The song takes a  look at the unjust and unfair law enforcement policies in this country. The band caps off the latest release with a great rendition of Live Fast, Die Young by the Circle Jerks.

So, make sure you guys hit up the Mid Rats on Facebook and Band Camp to stream all of their tracks. You can also catch them live on Friday, January 27th at The Depot in York, with Riverside Odds, Hot Blood and Up Up Ups.

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