Parasitix with Sick 86’d and Anti Citizen at the Alt Gallery

Who doesn’t love a matinee show right? Good music you don’t gotta wait till the sun goes down for, plus day drinking. The Alternative Gallery in Allentown, PA put on a good one last Saturday and I’m here to throw my two cents in on the day’s action.

Anti Citizen

So I grabbed a beer and was set to fucking Pogo! First band I walked in to was AntiCitizen, the three piece outta NJ who I’ve seen before but never got tired of. With songs like “Police State USA”, “Not For Sale” , and “NJ Punx” my blood was flowing and the alcohol with it. They closed out (or around the end of) their set with a number that had the lyrics “Drink, smoke, fuck, die!” What a way to go out, right? And then the drummer just kicks went off into a gut buster to finish it off. A fellow drummer, I had to let out an enthusiastic ” Fuck yeah!”

Sick 86’d

Next up was the Allentown punks Sick 86’d. Now I’m not too familiar with these guys but had heard of them and I wasn’t disappointed. By this time I had a few more beers in me and i think the rest of the crowd had too. Things got movin’ when they took the floor. If you like mid 90s Exploited albums  like “Beat the Bastards” , then Sick 86’d is right up your alley. A heavier and more thrashy sound that’ll  make you wanna fuck shit up. They also reminded me a lot of Opposition Rising. I’ll be looking for them on other bills in the future for sure.


Finally the headliners were P’Burg’s own and fiends-o-mine The Parasitix. The street punk quartet I’ve seen a bunch of times over the last few years. By this point I was good and toasted so I was definitely ready to get right into the pit. The band put on a good 45 minutes to an hour of hard, loud, and fast in-your-face punk rock. Just the way we like it on Pogo City Radio.

Lead singer Paul is always engaging, so the crowd was as much a part of the show as then as. They played several of my personal favorites like “Studs and Suds”, “Good Old Days”, and “American Immigrant”. It being the day after the inauguration, their signature “Pogo on a Politician” was sent out to the new pumpkin spiced commander in chief. They also took us across the pond three different times with covers of The Exploited’s “Alternative”, “So What?” by the Anti-Nowhere League, plus “Bodies” by the Sex Pistols. The floor and crowd got three times more beer soaked in three minutes with their drinking anthem “Alcohol Withdrawal”.  Hell of a set. Can’t wait for the next show, you’ll be hearing more from me. Cheers! And don’t forgot to check out Pogo City Radio!

-Sean Bedlam

Ahh shit, we didn’t get to the show till around 3:00 so I might’ve missed one or two of the bands on the 5 band bill. Here’s Facebook links to other acts that were set to play. Sorry I missed you guys! Check them out here.
Might Makes Right


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