Live With The Oi! Scouts on PoGo City Radio

On PoGo City Radio’s 1 year anniversary Gabe and Matt of the Oi! Scouts sit in on the whole 3 hour special. The PoGo Crew takes calls on the first ever live PoGo City Radio, and chat it up with fans, former members of the Oi! Scouts and Mike Blanx!!!

PoGoing With

Blanks 77, Wretched Ones, the Parasitix, The Undead, the Cuffs, Misfits, U.S. Chaos, Mike Blanx and the SDABs plus tuns more!

***audio was lost during the 4th min of the show for 40 sec (sorry) but the rest is perfect… Or at least the sound guy told me it was…

Now PoGo City Radio and Punk Block Party are pleased to announce the Oi! Scouts East coast return!!! Live August 26th, at the Alternative Gallery, North 4th st. Allentown PA.

Along With

Blanks 77

The Parasitix

The Damn Broads

Video Massacre

Sick 86’d

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