A Look At The Vicious Mistress Records Catalog

If you are looking for the best underground music around, you guys need to check out Vicious Mistress Records. This DIY label, has been putting out great content for years, and helping many bands along the way.

Mostly releasing compilations, this label brings you to many different scenes and genres of punk. Whether your into Ska or psychobilly, the mistress has what you need!

Punk In The Street Volume 3

If your looking for some in your face punk rock, make sure to pick up Punk In The Street series. On Volume III, of the comp you can find tons of fist bleeding, boot stomping tunes. From bands like Pizzatramps, Acidez, Violent Affair, the Damn Broads, Anticitizen and a bunch more.

Skunx Volume I

Another one of the more recent releases is Skunx, When Ska and Punk Collide. If you need some new music to skank to, look no futher. Sknux is the number one stop for you rude boys and girls out there. Whether your looking for a more traditional sound like The Hemsteadys, or more of a crusty sound like, Escape From The Zoo, Skunx, will get you your fill.

Psycho In The Street

Vicious Mistress, has also got all you psychos covered. Bringing you tracks from The Gutter Ghouls , Astro Zombies, Dead City Saints, and the Recently Deceased, on Volume I of Psycho in The Streets. So comb that hair and grab your stand up bass, its time to jam!

This awesome label does not exclusively release comps and your record collection would not be complete without the Damn Broads, Guilty As Charged CD. I just revived mine in the mail and its all i’ve been listening to since. These are not your typical girls next door, the Broads can keep up with the boys and their punch is just as hard. So get with the program and pick up this 13 track album today.

Check the gals out here:

Catch them live with, Blanks 77, the Oi! Scouts and The Parasitix. August 26th 2017 at the Alternative Gallery in Allentown, PA. An all day show complete with a Punk Rock Flea Market! Get more info here.

Wanna hear more? Check out PoGo City Radio

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