The Virus System Failure Review

After hearing the single, bombs for children, I didn’t have high hopes for the the Virus’s third full length album. The record however has definitely grown on me after the last few weeks.

Why I Had Low Expectations For The  New Virus

My favorite part of The “Nowhere To Hide” era of the Virus was, the way Paul sang, slow and deep. The new single just didn’t have the same feel in the vocals. I also was not big on the raw street punk direction the band seemed to be headed in. Earlier Virus had a popier feel to it at times on tracks, Forgotten Rebels or Throwaway Kids.

As soon as the needle hit the record, I noticed the the changes, but the more i listened the more i enjoyed it.

A Different Perspective

After I gave the record a second chance and stopped comparing it to other Virus records I really began to like it. The first track “What Do You Want?” blew me away, mostly do to the blend of Paul and Dave’s voices. The contrast between the two was amazing!

One thing the Virus did recapture was, the deep lyrical content earlier records had. The Virus, has never been a band that sang about beer or their hair, instead they sing about the problems of the world or society.

With so many people today expecting World War III, both the lyrics and music are very fitting and have meaning. Most songs on the album sound like they are playing the troops into battle.

To Sum It All Up

This record is definitely worth buying. It is a lot heavier, a lot faster and a lot more angry. I hope this version of the Virus can keep going strong, they’re such a great band with such a small catalog. I’d Like to see them keep cranking out records.

Make sure you catch the new line up live, I had the chance to in Philly and they did not disappoint.

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