Looking at The Lower Orders, Jacksonville Oi! Punk

The Lower Orders, are a  kick ass Oi! punk band, from Jacksonville, Florida.  These guys have some great street anthem sing-a-longs, the first one that comes to mind is, Retirement Plan. This track reminds me of some of the more recent Oi! bands like, Booze and Glory or Bishops Green. Complete, with great working class lyrics, this track is sure to get you moon stomping!

The Lower Orders EP

The band began to record demos in 2013, and they caught the ear of Christian, from Lion Hearts Records. The German company decided to release an EP, of the Lower Orders, shortly before the label disbanded.

Street Justice EP

Now in 2017, the band is ready to release their 2nd EP Street Justice,  on Contra Records and Crowd Control Media. The Lower Orders, were cool enough to send PoGo City, a copy of the new record due out this spring!

PoGo City, loves the new tracks and you will be able to hear them on a few upcoming PoGo shows. The songs are great to get you ready for a night at the bar, or for some PoGoing.  So make sure to pick up the latest release, when it drops in a few weeks.

Whats Up Next

Thankfully, these guys will be coming back to the area soon. Making stops in Philadelphia, Atlanta and North Carolina, playing with McGuires Mob and Unruly Boys. Make sure you check out the bands Facebook page for all the latest details.

Want to hear more? Check out PoGo City Radio.

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