This Is PA Punk Rock

The show at the Sherman’s Showcase Theater,  proved to be a delightful time this past Sunday. It all started off with the PoGo Crew doing it’s podcast live, before the bands got started.  I personally had a blast as usual, with my new found friends from PoGo city radio.

Keeping The Movement Alive
Growing up in the hardcore scene, I always heard of CBGB’s Matinees spawning such bands as Agnostic Front and Madball.  Now here I am with my very own group of people doing our own matinee’s!
Even though we have no set place like CBGB’s the essence is still alive in our  Crew. PoGo City is bringing you all of the best of the New York/Pennsylvania Tri-state area, and even beyond that.
Twin English
We had a killer line up at “This is PA Punk rock”, which included,  band’s that have been around forever and even some up and comer’s like a band called, Twin English. These guys are sure to bring their blend of garage and punk to more of our show cases.  Twin English was a life saver, as they were filling a spot on short notice and brought a good sound with them as well.  Be sure to be on the look out for Twin English in the future on the Pogo City Radio live circuit.
Hate Trash Disasters
What was really outstanding to me was the mash up of “Hate Trash Disasters” and “Video Massacre.”  I jokingly but affectionately dubbed “Hate Trash Massacres”.  Although they played no Video Massacre songs, the essence of the collaboration was there and in full effect. Everyone there was on point the whole night,  big thanks to all the other band’s on the bill.
Welter and Aim, Fire
Welter from Philly is becoming quite the regulars on our show’s and we love having them every time.
Aim Fire got the show moving. Bringing their blend of melody and hardcore which is sure to get you moving every time.  Even with all the technical difficulties they accrued they still tore it up!
Be sure to catch more show’s in Stroudsburg ,at the Showcase, by the guy’s and gal’s, of Pogo City Radio. This venue is sure to be on our list of clubs where we will be bringing the best punk show’s to ever come to Pennsylvania and neighboring states.
-Mark Wilson (aka Mark Poison)

Wanna hear more? Check out PoGo City Radio!

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