The Undead Lives

Saturday at the Alternative Gallery in Allentown was a great time! The Undead returned to the valley and showed everyone after all these years they can still get the place moving.

Bobby Steele, gave an entertaining performance, playing all the classics and introducing  fans to some new ones along the way. PoGo City Radio and Punk Block Party were thrilled, to have the whole spooky bunch scare the valley!

Diana Steele, gives the band some serious edge, her raspy, shrill voice, is perfect for their sound. Diana, really stands out in Be My Ghoul, a duet sang with Bobby, that really captures the bands raw emotions.

Totally Gnarly

Coming from upstate New York, to open the gig Totally Gnarly, played an unbelievable set, with great stage presence. These guys were not afraid of crowd interaction and were the perfect band to get the party moving. Be sure to pick up a copy of their latest release I Am Jack’s Rotting Liver, packed full of punk rock sing-a-longs.

Sick 86’d

Next up to the stage were Allentown’s Sick 86’d. Having seen Sick, countless times, I enjoy them more and more with every set. Whether we’re singing along to an original like Drink Till You Drop, or PoGoing to the Wrecked Ones, Welcome To The East Coast, you are in for a good time. This punk/hardcore crossover is perfect for any DIY show, so make sure you check them out ASAP.

Video Massacre

Ian and the boys from Video Massacre, are becoming regulars to the valley. Using many cult classic movies for inspiration, Video Massacre, was a perfect band to share the stage with the Undead. The band has such raw emotion and the guitar feels like it’s cutting you with a knife. Pick up a copy of their self titled CD, the next time their in town…You won’t be sorry.

Admit Nothing

Admit Nothing, sounded as tight as ever with their new drummer Timmy Violent, who threw his drums to the floor at the conclusion of the set. Steve, shouts out words that feel like they are assaulting you, accompanied by rough guitars and complex bass lines. We love playing Admit Nothing, on PoGo City Radio, but they are even better in person. So don’t miss Steve, Ron and Tim’s next outing.

Thanx to everyone who came out hope to see you again soon!


Want to hear more? Check out Booby Steele’s interview with PoGo City Radio.

Thanx for checking out PoGo City Radio.


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