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Live With The Oi! Scouts on PoGo City Radio

On PoGo City Radio’s 1 year anniversary Gabe and Matt of the Oi! Scouts sit in on the whole 3 hour special. The PoGo Crew takes calls on the first ever live PoGo City Radio, and chat it up with fans, former members of the Oi! Scouts and Mike Blanx!!!

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The Unknown Bastard

I recently just celebrated a birthday in August turning 28, as I feel that the years seem to pass quicker in my late 20’s it made me reminisce about the influences of my youth . That being said I think a big influence on my behalf while growing up was Johnny Thunders, GG Allin the mad man of manchester, Stiv bators, Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground and Lars Frederiksen. All four are spectacular musicians, but today I am going to talk about Lars Frederiksen the Unknown bastard. Continue reading The Unknown Bastard